Spanish clubs in schools

At Cygnaeus Grundskola in Helsinki.

Children having fun, children learning.

In the year 2015, I started an after-class Spanish club with students from Cygnaeus skola i Helsinki. Since then I have had 2 groups from 1st to 4th class joining me one day per week after their regular lessons for playing and learning Spanish.

After the good results I decided that it was about time to try with teenagers, in the school next to Cygnaeus, Norsen skola. We shared 2 periods of Spanish club with the same regularity as in the primary school. The students were very interested in learning the language, specially because of they did not have the chance in school since Spanish is not part of their curriculum.

In both schools, the language of instruction is Swedish, which it means although we use Spanish as much as possible, I also give instructions and attend questions and generals consultancy in Swedish. Our program covers the A1.1-A1.2 language level and is mainly focused on communication. Although we have used fixed materials such as Lola y Leo 1 and Clan 7, I enjoy fixing our own materials more adapted to the needs of the group.

The experience with the clubs has been very productive for all members included, students, parents and myself. And I am very proud of also teaching them about other cultures and social codes.