My story

I am an alternative language teacher who enjoys my profession by sharing new ideas and new ways of thinking. I consider myself a lifetime language learner, the same way I describe myself as a teacher. I am also an entrepreneur, as I started my own language school Belgrano Idiomas in 2014 in Helsinki, while simultaneously doing my master’s degree at the University of Helsinki. Today I am a full-time teacher at my school and other projects that I work in.

As a Cuban living in Finland I am interested in sharing cultural and non-stereotypical features about Spanish language countries while teaching it. Learning a language is seeing the world from another perspective which is fascinating.

By communicating in a foreign language, you will get a much deeper understanding of your own cultural background by learning fron the one in the target language.

I have shared experiences with students from 7 to 70 years old. This wide range of students has helped me grow ideas on how to optimize the focus on particular students’ needs

My 5 values for teaching are interculturality, energy, attitude, flexibility, and creativity.  These principles are also applied in the individual learning process.