How do we structure your course?

First things first. We depart for our journey into the Hispanic world. The first thing we arrange is an interview to discuss your previous experiences with the Spanish, goals, and expectations from learning the language.

In order to develop a program that suits your needs and expectations, and that also to develop something that fits your type of learning ( yes, we humans have different types of learning and intelligence). We will have a first encounter where I will ask you some questions regarding your interest and motivation and expectations of outcome regarding the Spanish language and our classes.

Your interest in the Spanish language can be because of planned travels to Spanish speaking countries or region, or for business or personal reasons for you to be able to better communicate with your friends and loved ones, or because you are preparing for a language test. And there are many more of course! This is the reason why I need to know your particular goals and interests so that we together can create a program that helps you reach your objectives.

If you already have some knowledge about the language then we can focus more on specific issues such as cultural, professional or business encounters or deeper grammar aspects that you want to work on or you show interests in, or just develop. Take a look at the following pages where you can find more detailed information about Español avanzado.