Spanish for business purposes

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In a globalize world where intercultural encounter is our new day-to-day studying languages with a business focused is one of the best inversions for you or your company. Actually, learning not only the language but also the culture and the working environment is one of the key strategies in a major or global business.

I have worked in this specific Spanish language teaching field for 3 years. As part of the language program I offer you to manage tasks and activities focused on comprehension, observation and finally production of the target language in real situations with cultural reinforcement.

The materials will be organized based on the needs of the group and the program will intend to covers those goals. I have used the recognized book Socios and Expertos,  both manuals cover levels A1/2 to B1/2 according to the CEFR from Editorial Difusión. The method is focused on communication and encouraging oral interaction. The grammatical aspects will be also explained but as part of the communicative needs of the unit or situation.

So if you have heard that is hard to negotiate with Hispanics or to manage the cultural code difference, we will discover what are the myths, stereotypes and trues about it while learning Spanish, and as part of any learning, also having fun.




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